What & Why

Practica El Beso was created in  2011 after Isabella returned from spending the majority of a sabbatical year in Buenos Aires dancing, listening and studying Tango.

Inspiration is the key at Practica El Beso.

isabella jeff twoThe concept of growth, inspiration,community and sharing led to the roots of Practica El Beso.
A place where people get help to create a more musical, authentic,  elegant, passionate and profound social Tango dance.  This is  based on over ten thousand hours dancing in the intimate milongas (dancehalls) of Buenos Aires, Argentina since 2002.

Working one-to-one, or in special workshops, meeting the needs of beginner to experienced Tango dancers.
We want to help YOU breathe new life into your dance so that you enjoy yourself more with your dance partner.

Practica El Beso provides:

  • Private classes based on what YOU need.
  • Private coaching sessions to men to help them better understand how the lady feels within that embrace and strategies to make the dance more emotive, soft and musical.
  • Imput and suggestions to make your dance more pleasureable for both you and your partner.
  • Special Ladies’ Technique Group Workshops that  include  movement principles from a Certified Pilates Instructors perspective, strong musicality incorporation and sharing of insights directly from the milongueros in Buenos Aires.
  • Unique Workshops based on thousands of hours dancing in the famous downtown Milongas of Buenos Aires including Cachirulo, Lujos, Milonga de los Domingos etc.
  • Group Introductory classes.
  • Musicality Workshops from an informed musician/educator/dancer/ point of view.
  • Special Events with International Tango Instructors to further enrich your dance.
  • DJ’ing services and instruction on developing  great playlists  based on a Buenos Aires sound.
  • Interesting roster of collaborations/workshops with varying dance partners.

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