Nicolai and IsabellaNicolai’s
introduction to Tango music was in his parents home at a young age. But it was not until 1999 while developing energy projects in Australia did a simple intro to Argentinean Tango dancing draw him back in for good. This was a pivotal moment in his life for he found that his affection of the Tango music found another medium for expressing his inner voice, his emotions – the endless improvisational movements of the Tango dance and the energizing and sensual embrace with ones partner.  Enchanted he travelled to Buenos Aires to steep in the traditions of the Tango art form.  He met Ricardo Vidort and later, Milva Bernardi who became his teachers, mentors and friends.  While falling in love with “Tango de stylo Milonguero” he realized that his work interferred with his dancing.  The solution obviously was early-retirement.  For the last ten years he has returned to Buenos Aires for his annual month of tango to feed his “addiction”.

Nicolai & Isabella - the embrace

One thought on “Nicolai

    Daal said:
    January 19, 2017 at 9:53 pm

    I love how tango is truly international!

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