Escuche que…¿vas a hacer un tour milonguero?

This was the question / comment made me an attractive milonguera the Saturday night milonga in Portland, Oregon.

The truth that made me laugh.

I had not realized that the locals (some new friends and some old) knew that I was walking (obviously helped by the presenters).

Well, what he was I?

isabella and Gene 10Just come to Portland after Christmas, my friends asked me I would do during my visit.
Mmmmm …. How about a tour of all milongas and local practices?
And would like to join for tasting the goodies surely be next?
Being the great people who are my friends agreed with me happy and help me with the “task”.

So, every day for eight days / nights in a row, went to milongas / practices place … “on tour” in Portland.
Each day, we danced with experienced colleagues and others not so much … sometimes ending the night absolutely exhausted , which felt so wonderful.
every milonga had great rounds of tangos. In all events, without exception, people took time to chat with me and make me feel happy, special and included.

Thank you!

The events were:

Saturday Aime Comme Moi presented by Joe Leonardo

Sunday Night Milonga presented by Yogi Nasser

Monday Night presented by Robert Hauk BsAs

Tuesday New Year’s Eve Event hosted by Amy PK

Wednesday practice presented by Alex Krebs

Norse Hall Milonga Thursday presented by Jerry Wallach

Friday Sparkle submitted by Mikas

Saturday Berretín presented by Alex Krebs

Sunday practice presented by Bill Alsup

Each event had a unique flavor and vibe.

Overall the music was captivating with most of the selections focusing on the melodic Tango Golden Age of the 40s.

The community as a whole gave me a big “hug” of tango and triumphed again, help me spend an incredible time.

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