Monday Night Practica…

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Practica El Beso is pleased to announce a new weekly Argentine Tango practise on Monday evenings from 8-10 p.m. starting on October 1st in the Teiaiagon Room at Swansea Town Hall, 95 Lavinia Avenue, Toronto.

Your hosts will be Isabella and Nicolai.

This informal practise will feature Argentine Tango music from the Golden Age.

The Teiaiagon Room is on the second floor at Swansea Town Hall and features a beautiful wood floor and mirrors.\

Price $8 each participant.

We encourage you to bring a partner to practise with.

Free Parking behind the building and street parking available.   We are close to Runnymede subway.

This article has been translated in articulos en espagnol.


one night in Cachirulo…

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Laughter, beautiful embrace with my partner Javier Gramigna, Alicia Pons tapping the rhythm with her fingers, incredible vals music by Donato, La Tapera, selected by Carlos Rey and off we go for our second ‘despedida/cumple’ dance at Cachirulo in Buenos Aires recently.

The festive atmosphere, the seduction of mystery, the improvisation, the union of music and partner and the thrill of knowing that dance will never be repeated all hook you in deeply and keep you hungering for more.

Thank you to Hector and Norma for this latest invitation to dance.




Re-opening of El Beso, Buenos Aires

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Black door, relaxed chairs in a new alcove and upstairs  to the sounds of the milonga “Lujos”on Thursdays.

Once inside the main space, everything seems the same but so much better somehow.  The re-opening of El Beso on Riobamba in busy Buenos Aires may have created an even higher level of affinity towards this special place.  Briefly chatting with some of the regulars and very happily being seated at my ‘place’ the milonga slowly unfolds with much eagerness and high expectations of beautiful dances with incredible music.

This is the place to dream, share an artistic expression of tango music with a partner and enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who made this happen.

Join us for two weeks in May…

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Come join us at Practica El Beso on Mondays May 14 and 28th.
We will focus on explorations in connections and playing with beat and rhythm.
From 8:00p.m. – 9:00p.m. at Swansea Town Hall.
Drop in $20.

gracias y adiós El Beso

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…the street Riobamba, an emblemic red door, stairs leading to music, friends, the brief hush of the group at the beginning of the tanda, quick cabeceo’s across the floor and off we go with an embrace that brings us into another space, time, reality…



Isabella Szymonowicz & Alicia Pons… part 3

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Alicia & Isabella in Buenos Aires 2011

1.  Please tell us what you mean when you say “tango is life”.

Alicia:  Tango holds different states of mind, at times happy, at times not.  Like life we have connections that are more strong with some people and weaker with others.  We need to have dialogues, because in our heart a TANGO ALWAYS PLAYS.

2. Can you explain the main difference between milongas in Buenos Aires and North America?

Alicia:  In Buenos Aires you BREATHE  tango in the milongas,  the ENERGY is created by  each couple and at times all TOGETHER.  It almost looks like the floor  moves.  Each person dances with their partner creating a row of precious pearls and each dance opens the door to an emotion  within ourselves that we express to our partner.

3.  What do you think is missing in the milongas in North America?

Alicia:  The sentiment.  They are  too pre-occupied with steps done well and not for what the couple feels.

4.  How important do you think it is for students to spend time practising on their own?

Alicia:  It is important to practise to feel secure on the dancefloor.  But, I always say that “tango is produced in the moment”.  At times one practises a lot and then when dancing forgets everything.

5.  You are a wonderful milonguera, why do you think so many people love to dance with you?

Alicia:  Thank you.   I think I put all of my being into each dance, I express how I feel and let go so that I can FLY!

6.  What can we do to keep this dance alive?

Alicia:  Keep dancing and always learn more.