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Isabella and Laurel at El Maipu
Isabella and Laurel at El Maipu

Magic milongueros…

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Often while in the milongas (dancehalls), such as La Nacional, run by Lucy and Dany on Mondays, (El Maipu) in Buenos Aires, I find myself peering off in the distance staring at the magical footwork on the dancefloor, my absolute favourite of all time being Juan Carlos Pontoriero.

His elegance of movement, unending smile and absolute joy, made you desire to strive to be a much better dancer. The grace and polish in his footwork to me … legendary.


Thank you for inspiring me to keep on with this wonderful tango journey.

Coqueta tango

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In Coqueta, by Orquesta Tipica Victor, 1929, the very first notes viscerally punch me in the stomach and make me feel melancholy and sad. My whole body wants to move in slow motion recalling all old losses in this mood of death and disaster. During this social tango we walk together, play with the rhythm and pause.

From my side step at 1:01, I try and create a little adornment that is languid and full of beauty. My partner pauses for me and pulls me in a little closer to begin the next part of his lovely intimate walk. The tango is a soft, loving game or dialogue. We internalize the music and freely interpret the movement based on the social tango dancing style of Buenos Aires. Each of us moves from a loving, longing, respectful centre that knows this is an ephemeral moment in time, only making our tango, Coqueta, more remarkable.

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Thank you to Paul Akmajian and the wonderful community in Tuscon and Green Valley, that completely encircled me from the first moment. A special thanks to Niki Glen and Cristian Sierra who invited us to dance a third tango, that he selected.

the end of a beautiful evening in el beso

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It’s late, almost the end of the milonga Cachirulo El Beso 2010.   Swirling shapes move around me in the line of dance.   Close, open embrace encircle me.   So many friends from far and wide abound.   Different styles, maximum floorcraft.   Moving as a group, we all progress forward, dance, chat, enjoy.   Every single moment is pleasurable and joyful.   The music enters our bodies and we share a communal affection for the milonga.   Here we love, hate, laugh, cry and sometimes even fall in love.


Another gig at El Almacen…

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Enjoy the experience of coming out to El Almacen,  a South American style cafe, chat with Danny, Natalia (organizers), locals, listen to some beautiful Tango music and donate to a wonderful charity.
This week funds raised at the Tango Tea will be donated to Project Winter Survival.
For the past 12 years, this organization has assembled and distributed over 12,000 winter survival kits. These kits provide warmth and essential supplies for the homeless and less fortunate to survive on the streets of the GTA. For every donation of only $25.00, we can provide a kit valued at approximately $165.00. These kits often make the difference between life and death.
Oh…and did I mention dance on a floor reminiscent of Buenos Aires?
Feel free to chat with me anytime and let me know if you have any questions about the upcoming Alicia Pons event (info provided below) !

memorable moments…of music, dance & friends

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This video was taken at Cachirulo (Saturday) now at Villa Malcolm (originally Maipu 444) in Buenos Aires August 2011.

The music is by Carlos di Sarli with Roberto Ruffino vocals. This milonga is from the Golden Age entitled “La mulateada “.

What an incredibly fun Saturday night that was. I had gone out for dinner with my friend Graciela to a parrilla in Palermo where we had dinner and enjoyed a few glasses of Malbec.

We were feeling pretty good when we walked into Cachirulo. Hector (the organizer) asked me if I was going to dance (demo) because it was my Birthday. I said sure.

So very quickly I had to find a partner to dance with. Luckily Jose Luis, a friend of mine, who is a great dancer and teacher, cabeceo’d me to dance a tanda and then I had the opportunity to ask him if he would like to do the demo with me. Happily he agreed. I think we had only danced one milonga together at El Beso on a Sunday.

Anyway, the place was packed, there was definately a party atmosphere going on and mainly all the best dancers in Buenos Aires were there.  We had a lot of fun doing the demo but were equally happy to relax afterward and enjoy the rest of the night at the milonga.

Give the gift of tango for the holidays…

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Something to look forward to…

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Watch this blog (or better yet subscribe so you will always be the first to know) for details of Alicia Pon’s first visit to Toronto.

Isabella will host a weekend of workshops (March 3~4) as well as other special events that will be announced in the new year.