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Let’s join together…

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Dear friends,

sandy hookAs most of you already know I have had the honour of working for the school board here in Toronto for many years. I have shared my passion for music with many educators and students.

Fridays events have left me shaken (as with the rest of the world) and questioning my beliefs. In an effort to try and do ‘something’ I would like to invite you to make a donation with me to the families and community of Sandy Hook. I don’t possess to have any knowledge of how this must feel but I do know what it is to lose a loved one.

Today we will have our last practise of 2012. We will have a special envelope for anyone to donate if they wish with me.

If you are unable to join us this evening, online donations are accepted here.

We look forward to seeing you this evening, and I want to extend our wishes for a peaceful holiday and joyful new year to those who are unable to join us.

Come celebrate !

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We invite you come out and share our joy in celebrating our one year Anniversary of classes, workshops and special events at Practica El Beso with a little toast Monday November 12. 


Each week we offer Buenos Aires style Argentine Tango music in a beautiful space with wood floors, mirror, and barre.   In the Teiaiagon Room at Swansea Town Hall,95 Lavinia. 
We encourage you to come out and viscerally feel the music as styled from the milongas of Buenos Aires by Isabella and practise your beloved tango in a supportive environment.
Cost $8.00
From 8p.m. till 10p.m.
Stay tuned for upcoming events…