Re-opening of El Beso, Buenos Aires

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Black door, relaxed chairs in a new alcove and upstairs  to the sounds of the milonga “Lujos”on Thursdays.

Once inside the main space, everything seems the same but so much better somehow.  The re-opening of El Beso on Riobamba in busy Buenos Aires may have created an even higher level of affinity towards this special place.  Briefly chatting with some of the regulars and very happily being seated at my ‘place’ the milonga slowly unfolds with much eagerness and high expectations of beautiful dances with incredible music.

This is the place to dream, share an artistic expression of tango music with a partner and enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who made this happen.

One thought on “Re-opening of El Beso, Buenos Aires

    Al Daigen said:
    August 3, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    El Beso was one of my favorites while I was in Bs.As this spring, and when it closed in the middle of my stay, I felt both dismayed and lucky to have danced there while I could. Lots of people are going to be happy that it is open again.

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