Month: January 2012

Another gig at El Almacen…

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Enjoy the experience of coming out to El Almacen,  a South American style cafe, chat with Danny, Natalia (organizers), locals, listen to some beautiful Tango music and donate to a wonderful charity.
This week funds raised at the Tango Tea will be donated to Project Winter Survival.
For the past 12 years, this organization has assembled and distributed over 12,000 winter survival kits. These kits provide warmth and essential supplies for the homeless and less fortunate to survive on the streets of the GTA. For every donation of only $25.00, we can provide a kit valued at approximately $165.00. These kits often make the difference between life and death.
Oh…and did I mention dance on a floor reminiscent of Buenos Aires?
Feel free to chat with me anytime and let me know if you have any questions about the upcoming Alicia Pons event (info provided below) !

memorable moments…of music, dance & friends

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This video was taken at Cachirulo (Saturday) now at Villa Malcolm (originally Maipu 444) in Buenos Aires August 2011.

The music is by Carlos di Sarli with Roberto Ruffino vocals. This milonga is from the Golden Age entitled “La mulateada “.

What an incredibly fun Saturday night that was. I had gone out for dinner with my friend Graciela to a parrilla in Palermo where we had dinner and enjoyed a few glasses of Malbec.

We were feeling pretty good when we walked into Cachirulo. Hector (the organizer) asked me if I was going to dance (demo) because it was my Birthday. I said sure.

So very quickly I had to find a partner to dance with. Luckily Jose Luis, a friend of mine, who is a great dancer and teacher, cabeceo’d me to dance a tanda and then I had the opportunity to ask him if he would like to do the demo with me. Happily he agreed. I think we had only danced one milonga together at El Beso on a Sunday.

Anyway, the place was packed, there was definately a party atmosphere going on and mainly all the best dancers in Buenos Aires were there.  We had a lot of fun doing the demo but were equally happy to relax afterward and enjoy the rest of the night at the milonga.

Tango Tea – Project Winter Survival on January 7th.

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The Toronto Tango community is incredibly textured with hosting wonderful events by locals and invited guests from afar.
This Saturday I have been invited to come out and DJ at TalDions Tango Tea at El Almacen again.
This time the charity is Project Winter Survival,  what an important initiative this is.
How many people have perished with the cold here in Toronto?
Unbelievable to me that this can even happen.
Please come out and bring some warm clothes, donations, good will and enjoy the Social!
Click here to visit Project Winter Survival & find out more...